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Encouraging Academic Improvement

The New England Farm Workers Council's (NEFWC) School-Based Mentoring program provides mentoring services during school hours and summer vacation to students in grades four through eight from two elementary schools and two middle schools in Holyoke, MA.

The NEFWC School-Based Mentoring program recruits volunteer mentors from area businesses, faith-based organizations, and colleges. Program staff members match volunteer mentors with students who are referred through any of the participating elementary and middle schools.

Once matched, the volunteer mentor and student meet on school grounds, during school hours, for a minimum of one (1) hour each week.

Because academic improvement is one of our program's major goals, volunteer mentors (with the assistance and support of the mentoring program staff) provide encouragement and reinforcement of the importance of academic success through role modeling, ongoing dialogue and identification of school-based resources.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer mentor in Holyoke, Massachusetts, please contact Leida Cartagena at 413-536-5403, ext. 225.

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