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How YOU can use New England Farm Workers' Council Child Care Resources & Referral Services

  • Free Advertising: We connect parents to you by giving them a profile of accurate information about your program. (That's why we're always calling you for updates and we appreciate it when you call us with any changes!)
  • Technical Assistance and Training Resources: We'll give you information and resources on a variety of subjects like child development, business issues, voucher and subsidy management, training opportunities, special needs, and community resources. We are here to support you in maintaining a successful career as a quality child care provider. Just call us and ask!
  • Voucher and Subsidy Utilization: Licensed and licensed exempt providers and programs may choose to sign up with NEFWC to accept child care vouchers.

To add or update your program information, please click on the appropriate link below. You can download and print the form then mail or fax it. The mailing address and fax number are at the end of each form.

Provider Update Form-Family Child Care Provider Update Form-Center-based & School Age

Are you considering becoming a licensed Family Child Care (FCC) provider?
A licensed family child care provider is an individual who offers child care services in their home, following the state regulations through the Department of Early Education & Care. It is an opportunity to start your own business while helping the families in your community access a quality child care program in a home-environment.  Contact Barbara Luciano at 413.272.2315 for more information.

How Can Licensed Providers Get Voucher Referrals?
Licensed providers must sign a Voucher Provider Agreement and have an approved literacy curriculum established before voucher child care clients can be placed in care. 
Please call Loida Ortiz at 413.272.2303 if you are a licensed provider. She will send you the necessary paperwork. Also, let her know if you have a voucher-eligible parent who wants to use your services and she will expedite the contracting process.

For more information on voucher management, please click here

Please look through this page to find links to information on many different child care resources. If there is something you are looking for but do not see it here, please feel free to contact: Barbara Luciano, Training Coordinator for Provider Services at 413.272.2315.

Helpful links to the Department of Early Education & Care (EEC) Website
The Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) provides the foundation that supports all children in their development as lifelong learners and contributing members of the community, and supports families in their essential work as parents and caregivers.

Department of Early Education and Care (EEC)

Professional Qualifications (PQ) Registry
EEC's new Professional Qualifications Registry will gather important information on the size, composition, education, and experience of our current workforce. It will store information about the retention and turnover of educators working in early education and care and out-of-school time programs. This information will help EEC build a work force development system that responds to the needs of all educators and programs in Massachusetts. EEC requires that all child care providers register in the Professional Qualifications (PQ) Registry and maintain an active PQ number. Click below for more information and to register.

EEC - PQ Registry

Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS)

The MA QRIS offers guidance to professionals in early education and care and out of school time settings on a path toward quality, recognizing that higher expectations of programs must be matched with increased supports that include a better-articulated career ladder, financial incentives, and professional development and technical assistance, which are grounded in the science of child development. All providers must be registered in QRIS to ensure future funding. If you have not already done so, register today!

EEC - QRIS System

QRIS Support
EEC Western MA Program Quality Specialist, Amanda Thayer, provides support and consultations for providers and programs that are going through the QRIS process.

Contact: 413.881.1539

EEC Professional Development Training Calendar
EEC - PD Calendar

Helpful Links for Training Resources

The Preschool Enrichment Team (PET)
Western MA Educator and Provider Support (EPS) Lead Agency

As the Western MA lead agency for the EPS grant through EEC, The Preschool Enrichment Team supports a skilled early childhood and out of school time workforce by providing training and consultation on core competencies, academic and career advancement support, NAEYC Accreditation and the Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS).

The Collaborative for Educational Services (CES)
The Collaborative's Early Childhood Educator Trainings are a resource for educators of every age group in every setting who are seeking opportunities to connect with and learn from other practitioners, while expanding awareness of issues and refining professional capabilities.

Links to Local CPR and First Aid Training Resources

CPR & First Aid by Gail Stathis and Kim Webb
Gail and Kim are dedicated to offering high quality American Heart Association courses. We have over 30 years combined experience. We offer a variety of AHA courses to try to meet your needs. We trained over 2000 people in 2012 and are continuing to grow and expand in the Western MA region. We offer classes in Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties. We are available on weekdays, weekends, days or evenings.

Contact: 413.539.2155

Noble Hospital Westfield American Heart Association Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) classes are held at Noble Hospital and are sponsored by the Education Department.

For more information, please call the Noble Hospital CPR line at 413.572.5172

Or to see class schedule:

Community Health Training Solutions J
ohn and Nancy Muglia have over 20 years' experience in providing quality services, trainings and workshops to early childhood educators throughout Massachusetts.

Contact: 413.598.9911 or email:

Or visit their website and training calendar:

Berkshire County CPR

Links to Accreditation Resources

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
NAEYC strives to raise the quality of education for all children from birth through age eight. Accreditation systems are major part of NAEYC's efforts to improve early childhood education; they allow programs to provide the best learning experiences for young children and their educators by meeting national standards of quality.

National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC)
The National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) serves as a nationwide non-profit association dedicated to strengthening the profession of family child care and communities where providers live and work. NAFCC believes that all children deserve a chance to learn and grow, be prepared for school, better understand the world and each other, think, dream and discover, while reaching their highest potential. NAFCC sponsors the only nationally recognized accreditation system designed specifically for family child care providers.