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About Partners for Community

Since its formation in 1997, Partners for Community has seen rapid growth of its administrative capacities and is quickly becoming a regional model for mobilizing community resources for major impact on social issues.

Partners for Community consolidates and delivers a variety of administrative functions in a cost-efficient manner so that its human service affiliate agencies can deliver more effective social programs to their communities. While the specific missions and areas of expertise of PfC’s affiliates differ, they are linked by the common goal of enabling program participants to live with dignity and self-sufficiency.

Promoting Self-Sufficiency
Through Administrative Efficiency

Federal, state, local government and private sector funding sources have quickly recognized the impact of consolidating administrative expenses and expertise. Partners for Community affiliate agencies have operational autonomy combined with the benefits of membership in a stable organizational partnership serving community interests, as well as the growth and success of each affiliate.

Administrative Functions of Partners for Community

Financial Services

Budgeting, cash management, accounting, payroll, record keeping, financial reporting, negotiating lines of credit.

Quality Assurance Services

Staff training and development, program monitoring and oversight of program practices, program enhancement, research and implementation of best practices.

Information & Technology Services

Computers, telecommunications, internet-based and print communications, program databases and program reports.

Program & Procurement Services

Identifying program space, lease negotiations, bulk purchasing of office/program equipment and supplies.

Organizational Development Services

Agency mission, organizational structure, strategic alliance building, proposal writing, program design, management training.

Program Area Development Services

Continued expansion into the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and other geographic areas for PfC affiliates and programs.

Asset Creation

Promotion of strategies that provide for self-sustainability of affiliates.

Consulting Services

Administrative, technological and management consulting for other regional and national non-profits unable to provide it through their own resources.

Human Resource Services

Personnel policies, employee benefits, staff recruitment, reporting, training and development.

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