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Developmental Disabilities & ABI

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Fostering Independence with Long-Term Support

Through the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services, Corporation for Public Management (CPM) offers a variety of support programs for adults with developmental disabilities or acquired brain injury (ABI). Corporation for Public Management has earned a highly favorable reputation for dealing successfully with many of this state's most challenging cases and for promoting their ability to live and thrive in a community setting.

The longevity of CPM’s programs and staff translates into stable services for consumers, with some individuals receiving various levels of support for over 25 years. This stability offers an opportunity for growth and progress in the lives of consumers that might not be possible without consistency.

CPM also diligently seeks to build programs and supports around individuals and put consumers into customized programs. This approach enables services to remain flexible as consumers continue through their lives. CPM has an excellent network of providers for clinical, medical and behavioral support, and has the experienced staff needed to listen to individual consumers and guide and direct them to the supports they need.

Other Residential Services from Partners for Community Affiliates

Partners for Community affiliate, Corporation for Justice Management, offers residential services for criminal offenders. Programs include:

  • Residential transitional programming is offered through Union House, a residential program in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and Foundation House, a transitional recovery home in Springfield, Massachusetts. The goal of both programs is to assist offenders in their transition back into the community.
  • Alternative incarceration for adults is also available at both Union House and Foundation House for low-risk offenders. These highly supervised and structured programs save tax dollars, reduce overcrowding in prisons and provide adult offenders with the tools they need to resist criminal behavior.
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