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Farm Worker Services

Meeting Immediate Needs & Long-Term Goals

New England Farm Workers’ Council (NEFWC) is a PFC affiliate that focuses on helping seasonal farmworkers attain long-term employment. Programs in MA, CT, NH, and RI introduce farmworkers to year-round earning potential in non-agricultural vocations -- many of which call for learning new skills. Farmworker employment services are available to men and women who have performed agricultural work during the last two years and meet the U.S. Department of Labor's low-income standards. Services include employment counseling, classroom training, vocational training, job search assistance, job placement, and on-the-job training with local employers. NEFWC's relationships with other local agencies allow farmworkers to train for stable, long-term employment.

Whatever career path a farmworker takes with the help of NEFWC, they are supported and have their progress tracked for at least one year. This allows NEFWC to assist farmworkers and their families in key ways, such as providing stipends for eyeglasses or necessities or referring clients to other service agencies to make sure that their basic needs are met so that clients can concentrate on improving their lives. Important personal support services, such as housing, home energy assistance, and voucher day are often provided.

On a broader scale, Latino communities in Greater Springfield, Hartford, NH, and RI are served with a range of adult basic education courses geared toward vocational readiness in a changing economy. For income-qualified adults, the agency provides literacy instruction in both English as a Second Language and native language development. Math, social science and HiSET preparation are also offered. A related program for Latino persons teaches English skills for the workplace.

Contact Information

If you are interested in NEFWC career and job training programs, please contact:

Sara Garvin, Director of Employment and Training for MA, CT, and RI at 413-272-2313.

Deputy Director, Sean Dorantes

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