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Brightwood Development Corporation

Supporting Small Businesses, Minority Employment, and Low-Income Housing in Springfield and Puerto Rico

Partners for Community has a strategic alliance with Brightwood Development Corporation (BDC), a non-profit community development organization. For over 20 years, BDC has been a financially stable, creative and energetic source of progress for Springfield’s North End neighborhood. BDC works to improve small business, affordable and low-income housing and minority employment conditions in the North End, including the city’s Memorial Square/Brightwood and Hungry Hill neighborhoods. Since 2010, BDC has been active in western Puerto Rico through our Food and Agro Processing Center, part of the Federal Health, Food and Financing Initiative.

Many of the people served by Brightwood Development Corporation are Hispanic and Latino, and BDC runs a variety of family assistance, minority employment and community development programs designed to impact and improve conditions within its inner-city target area.

Brightwood Development Corporation receives funding from a variety of public and private sector sources, including state, county and city government agencies, as well as individual private donors.

BDC’s general areas of service include:

  • Expanding the supply of affordable and low-income housing
  • Promotion of small business assistance, with an emphasis on minority ownership
  • Neighborhood development through residential and commercial revitalization

Brightwood continually searches for new community development opportunities to assist Springfield in the 21st century.

BDC Main Office Location

11-13 Hampden Street
Springfield, MA 01103

HHS Programs Puerto Rico Office

7 Union Street
Mayaguez, PR 00682


Alexandra Freer, Manager

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