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HiSET Programs

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Available Through PfC Affiliates

Since education breaks down many barriers to success, Partners for Community offers HiSET program support to youth and adults looking to complete the HiSET program through its affiliates.

For Youth

The Corporation for Public Management runs the Young Parents Program (YPP) as part of the MA Department of Transitional Assistance Employment Services Program. YPP helps young parents complete the HiSET Program, find and keep jobs, learn parenting skills, and has the ultimate goal of helping young parents go on beyond completing the HiSET program to college.

The Young Parents Program looks to reduce welfare dependency among young parents, ages 14 to 21, who have not achieved a high school diploma or complete HiSET. YPP offers access to education with “real world” implications, teaching participants how to apply math, science, communication and other skills to raising a family and other day-to-day activities. The YPP program is based upon support and mutual respect and trust, and is so successful in helping young people that in FY2008, over 80% of program participants who came in without graduating high school not only completed the HiSET but went on to college.

If you are interested in finding out more about how the Young Parents Program can help you complete the HiSET program, call the program nearest to you.

New England Farm Workers' Council (NEFWC) also offers the WIA Youth program that helps young people in Massachusetts with education and job training. The program provides access to HiSET preparation materials like the Anywhere Learning System (ALS), as well as tutoring in areas like writing and math. If you are a young person looking to change your life, the WIA Youth program can give you the tools and support you need to train for a career, get a college degree and become a community leader.

If you are interested in the WIA Youth program, call the NEFWC office nearest you.

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